Thinking MU is a sustainable clothing brand based in Barcelona. Since 2010 they have been working with the most sustainable fibers, techniques and solutions to design comfortable clothing for men and woman, becoming a reference brand in sustainability in Spain.


Made with natural fibers, their garments express a great dose of positive thinking—in fact ‘Life is an attitude’ is their mantra. Thinking MU is an authentic brand with really strong values that works to make long-lasting clothes in the most ethically and sustainable way and under the fairtrade parameters.


We’ve teamed up to design a unisex outfit inspired in a typical explorer look made with 100% organic linen and cotton. An outfit for both men and women composed of a light shirt and comfortable short pants, perfect for hot summer days and relaxed evenings. Every piece is dyed with natural flowers using to their non polluting technique, free from chemicals, and recycling all the water used during the process. Life is an attitude.


Thinking MU