Inspired by the aesthetics of the mountaineers from the 40s and 50s, the Ölend backpacks combine quality, design and practicality. Since 2012, Adriana Dumon, Fran Rios and Antonio Longás have been conceiving simple and accessible backpacks full of personality; every single one of them are exclusive; there are not two identical backpacks. Plus they are locally made in Barcelona with top-quality materials, natural leather and technical fabrics.


“Backpacks are an item that we love so much, we’ve always said that it is the garment with which you live most adventures.”—says Adriana, Brand Manager.


And adventurous as they are, they’ve explored new items and co-designed them hand by hand with us. Combining the traveling spirit of Ölend and curated by.’s love for timeless fashion, we’ve created unisex simple and versatile canvas pieces for the everyday, and for everybody.