mid/night 00.00 was born to enhance the most real and sincere beauty by creating the perfect routine free of every thing you don’t want for your skin. Their aim is to simplify and update the beauty industry by offering simple yet highly effective routines composed of versatile and transversal natural products – everything is vegan and plant-based.



In the words of co-founders Nina Urgell and Marc Ciudad: “We wanted to guarantee the minimum necessary to carry out a healthy and effective personal routine. From this point on, we want to offer a range of products so we can cover all the basics that we consider essential for the daily life. Our overall goal is to completely escape from punctual and reactive cosmetics by offering preventive and healthy routines that promote the most real and sincere beauty.”



They also share the same principles with us – taking care of every detail, every stroke and every formula. Because everything should be timeless, and not compromised with trends or seasons. To pamper every corner and every moment in everyday life. It is precisely from this common passion for functional and beautiful things that this soap dish and collaboration is born.


mid/night 00.00


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