Argentine artist and ceramist, is behind this project that has her same name. She has lived in Barcelona for 20 years and works in her ceramics studio in the Poblenou neighborhood where she combines artistic work with teaching pottery.

Her work is focused on research, experimentation and creation of utilitarian pieces of simple forms from the recovery and reinterpretation of traditional techniques and ways of making typical of her country.


Her pieces follow a slow and leisurely pace that respects the time of the material and his creative process. Unique pieces, produced in small quantities, with a strong sculptural dimension, are the result of an artistic approach based on clay, its color and texture.

Together we’ve created ERA VASE, a vessel of simple lines in black refractory clay. A piece that develops between a sculptural and utilitarian work, handmade and at the same time contemporary that reminds us of ancestral pottery. The result is a limited series of unique hand-modeled pieces.


Julieta Dentone


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