Ines Sistiaga is a designer, based between Eindhoven and Madrid, with a strong focus on textile techniques. Her work embodies different attitudes towards this field as a medium of research and expression, exploring visual and material languages through combinations of craft and technology.



She develops explorations that go from functional to aesthetic and from technical to decorative, studying textiles as structural constructions, searching for functionalities and for the diverse in its materiality. This is done through techniques as varied as printing, weaving, tufting and, more extensively, knitting.



Our collaboration consists of two warm and soft blankets manufactured by Ezcaray with the best natural fibers. In Ezcaray, they follow the traditional arts in weaving, dyeing wool and finishing, a continuation and inheritance received from Cecilio Valgañón by the year 1930. A commitment to traditional methods, quality and respect for the environment.


Ines Sistiaga

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