HERE WE ARE is all about design at the service of Brands and social or environmental initiatives. Their mission is to unite NGOs and brands that share values ​​to create beautiful and unique campaigns which benefits are destined to help a social or environmental collective.


It is an open project for NGOs and brands to work together as one, and for all the creative collaborators who want to share their talent for a good cause.They strongly believe that design can influence the behavior and commitment of people because creativity reaches the heart.


By bringing together brands and NGOs, they’re changing the forms of consumption towards something more meaningful. That’s why we’ve teamed up with them to create a significant campaign that helps the association B1+B2+B3 in Barcelona. The campaign consists of a Braille embroidered T-shirt which helps raise awareness of the collective of people with visual impairment. Anna Morancho, who is part of the Association and has only 5% of visibility, shot the photo campaign of the T-Shirt with an analog camera. The result was beautiful and touched us on a very deep level.


We’ve also worked on an interpretation of different visual dysfunctions through the eye of visual artist Adriana Ramírez ( After listening to the testimony of people from the association who suffer from different visual dysfunctions, she drew her own artistic interpretation with four wonderful video capsules.


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