FORMAJE has been founded to promote the excellence of artisan cheese and foster its appreciation. A space that enables people to discover the exciting cultural value of artisan cheese- making and facilitate access to its consumption.


“Cheese as a bond”. FORMAJE’s aim is to create a community around cheese where people seek answers to universal concerns and share experiences, creating a space where, beyond the experience of consumption, an environment of conversation and well-being is encouraged, where your interests as a consumer and as a human being can be satisfied.


Clara and Adrián are the founders of FORMAJE. They both began their careers in the artisan cheese sector in 2014 as partners and members of the management team of Quesería Cultivo, a project they were a part of for 5 years and that enabled them to venture into the world of artisan cheese-making and discover its characteristics both inside and outside of Spain, as well as developing a concise and personal view of the needs of this sector that has captivated them from the beginning.



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