Florentine Kitchen Knives creates quality, hand-manufactured kitchen knives for both the professional chef and everyday cook. Steadfast, premium well made tools that have the power to completely change your experience in the kitchen. This is reflected in both the functionality of the blades and the design elements, the end result is a contemporary yet timeless object of use.



FKK was founded in 2012 by industrial designer Tomer Botner and in 2016 he was joined by his wife Noam Blumenthal, a fashion designer. The brand started in the neighborhood of Florentin, south-west Tel-Aviv, after which the business takes its name. Each year, FKK release limited editions of the signature stacked handled knives and have made custom kitchen and table knives for many of the world’s finest restaurants and most accomplished cooks.



In collaboration with our team we’ve created a bespoke limited edition table knife. Made with a beautiful Ivory colored fabric composite, this item is more than accessory around a plate.



Florentine Kitchen Knives

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