Developped by Elise Vanweydeveldt and Delphine Kohler, Facteur Céleste brings creativity, colors and poetry to the world of ethical design. “Through craft projects, it is not only materials considered as waste that are valued, but also know-how and women who emancipate themselves over their creations”.


Founded in 1992, Facteur Céleste develops quality products made by hand with respect for craftsmen and the environment. Plastic bags are collected in France but especially in Burkina Faso by women’s associations that clean the streets, and transformed into beautiful home accessories. 100% of the plastic bags used come from recovery.


The project now enables 52 women in Burkina Faso to receive regular income through their work. Grouped in 4 workshops, the women benefit from a mutual health insurance, literacy and mathematics courses, and assistance for the education of their children. Praised by the biggest brands, the Facteur Céleste collections are exported around the world and become the pride of the women who created them. ”



Facteur Céleste

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