Stone is one of those brands with a strong philosophy behind. Their motif is the love for nature and durability of matter. They call it “involuntary beauty”, and by that they refer to an unintentional delicacy that stones get after being eroded by nature.


What we like most about them is that not only all of their products are made in natural fabrics such as cashmere or fine wool, but the fact that they do not use any kind of chemicals or synthetic materials, and produce everything locally in Spain under fair trade conditions. Their philosophy relies in a strong belief towards a long-lasting consumption in contraposition to fast fashion. The result is a delicate selection of high-quality products made to last a life time.


Because of Stone’s strong respect for nature and extremely high-quality products, we have designed and produced alongside their team two different garments both for men and women. One is a wool oversized shawl , and a soft scarf called The Voyager thought as a small piece to wear everyday with a nice striped pattern that suits every outfit. They are both made in fine organic wool.