Sasha Lytvyn is a Ukrainian born photographer. He moved to the United States in 2010 in pursuit of his passion for the medium. He has been working in the fields of commercial, fashion, art and documentary photography since. Now he is a renown NY based independent photographer working for numerous major names such as Vogue, Prada or Barneys New York, among others.


As a self-taught professional, Sasha’s work can be described as an abstract drawing or a sketch, never too perfect, but always candid, allowing a chance & flaws to make each photograph unique in its imperfection.


This special t-shirt shows one of his most iconic photographs, Lady & dog. “It was taken during my regular visits to Hamptons and strolls around the beach in 2015. I saw a local family enjoying their weekend under the sun and the friendship, love and devotion of the lady and the dog was so vivid that it immediately caught my eye. I snapped a picture, exchanged few words and walked away.” – Sasha Lytvyn.


Sasha Lytvyn

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