Parament is a ceramic brand born in Barcelona founded by Catalan creative Carla Rauert. Her obsession for ceramics and “art à table” made her found this online shop as a place where beauty and functionality meet. Parament is a brand where you can find simple and ordinary tableware products, all designed and produced by her.


These honest and durable products have a Mediterranean and traditional scent. Probably it is because they are all designed and made with the best-quality porcelain and only using hand-crafted techniques by local craftsmen or in some cases in close collaboration with artisans themselves; each piece is carefully made, unique and authentic in character. Each is one of a kind. We absolutely love the simplicity of their ceramic plates and bowls, they’re subtle and functional at the same time.


Together with them we have created a simple yet elegant white porcelain vessel at their workshop in Barcelona. Its delicate handmade porcelain combines with the subtlety of its design, converting it into a timeless piece perfect for the everyday. The result is a Limited Edition vessel in exclusivity for us. A piece that will stand the test of time.




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