Form-Matter experiments with the synthesis and tension created between the design (Form) and the materials (Matter) to create unpretentious, bold and innovative leather products.


Behind Form-Matter there is Tarang Bharti. He’s both a lecturer at London College of Fashion and a designer of leather accessories.From bags to wallets, Tarang’s label is all about bold goods manufactured to the highest quality in an array of statement colours. Precisely designed details are explored and developed to challenge the perceptions and iconography of traditional leather accessories. By sourcing the best materials and working alongside the most skilled craftsmen in Ubrique, a little town in Spain well-known for its leather tradition, Form-Matter creates timeless products with a truly uninterrupted form.


Together with them we have created this unisex and comfortable Porte-cartes. Take a look how it was made at Form-Matter’s local workshops.



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