Die Motte is a project created by Anel Rinat and Astrid Schweitzer, two jewelry artists who met while studying Arts and Goldsmithing in Barcelona.


They now run this amazing project together at their workshop in Barcelona. In a completely artisanal way, they create delicate pieces of fine, natural and minimal lines. “We melt the grains of precious metal, stretch, laminate, solder and perform our magic on it. We polish and charge with our love to what we do.”


Schweitzer is of Chilean, Peruvian and German descent, but raised in Barcelona’s vibrant Poble Sec neighborhood, which overlooks the Mediterranean. Rinat is Kazakh, and grew up in Almaty, surrounded by the sagebrush steppe and snow-capped mountains of Central Asia; she was shaped by the city’s Scythian and Soviet heritage. The brand is an amalgamation of their distinct backgrounds. With Die Motte they interlace their two different personalities and stories, demonstrate the “Feminine” from their different sides and express themselves.