Cristian is a multidisciplinary artist. He works and creates at his studio in Hospitalet, Barcelona, a space where he experiments with different materials and with his own hands.


He studied Fine Arts and he works as a sculptor, furniture designer and visual artist… He believes design and sculpture are very close together. At first he worked more as a welder than as a designer, but now he is both things, auto-producing most of his work.


He recycles a lot of his pieces: “Rescuing parts of a piece to engender other is something I sometimes do so my work shares a more conceptual thread or workmanship altogether.”


Together with him, we picked the Rib lamp and Deck chair to be part of curated by.’s portfolio. Yo can find this beautiful lamp in an understated white which gives all the prominence to the light. The Deck chair is a great option for contemporary urban and rural outdoors. In both designs you can appreciate Cristian’s understanding of the material, how he bends the iron with such grace and delicacy.


Cristian Herrera Dalmau

Cristian Herrera Dalmau x curated by.