Alexa Coe is a great young artist with an special gift for portraying nudity, woman and sensitivity. At her studio in Shroedich, London, she has developed a distinctive way of celebrating the female nude with her gorgeous minimalist drawings.

“Drawing out Woman.
Pencil on paper, like a conversation, a language, still, silent. Loud and brash.”

Her art is always intimate and provocative, channeling how she feels, both anger and love at female culture. “I often like to play with the ideas of the gaze, whether thats the male or the female and the fine line between.” she explains. “Ive always been obsessed over the female figure. My characters are often stuck between dressing and undressing, representing the juxtapose of submission and assertion.”

We’ve used ‘Boy face’, a painting from Alexa, for our first collaboration. Thanks to a manual screen printing technique, we have convert it into a limited edition iPhone case made out of silicone and micro-fibre.

“This boy was the beginning and end of our conversation between myself and the curated by team. It feels only right that he has pride of place at the first collaboration with the team. Boy, was drawn from a visit to the Tate Modern in London, taken from the sculptures of Giacometti. Giacometti, whom was obsessed by faces, believing them to be the source of identity and emotion. The face is an important part of communication between each other, how we can read people’s expression, eyes, lips and thoughts. Just in the way a phone can bring us closer by offering a communication tool without that visual, there is nothing more validating than looking at one person to another.” – Alexa Coe.


Alexa Coe

Artist and illustrator focused on the female form.


Alexandra Coe x curated by.