Illustrator, fashion designer, DJ. Aristocrat, influencer… Since she was little she developed a taste for the plastic arts and art in general. Determined to focus her future on a creative field, she studied Fashion Design and afterwards moved to NY to study at The Art Student League and to work with painter Paul Balmer.


This young, savvy Madrileña has worked with brands as diverse as Gucci, Samsung, Swatch, Vans and Bulgari. She’s walked the catwalk and been the face of Sony. As an illustrator she has collaborated in various fanzines and part of her works have been exhibited in independent galleries. In addition, you can find it by clicking on many of the most indie venues in Madrid and the most exclusive parties.


Together with we’ve made 6 unique plates inspired in the medieval period, a theme very present in her work and very part of herself.


Brianda Fits James Stuart

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