Après Ski was launched in 2009 by self-taught creative mind Lucia Vergara. She named the brand inspired by the after skying aesthetic of the 1950’s and to the sense of accomplishment that follows a completed task or after making an effort.


It all started out as a very natural thing, making some pieces for personal use and close friends, sourcing her form references all over the world. Some years later, Après Ski is now one of the top jewellry/accesories brands in Europe. Each item is created with brass, acetate and resin in beautiful colours and shapes.. The inspiration for Après Ski focuses mainly on the fauna and flora of nature and the geometric designs of the universe.


Together we’ve developed Tortoise collection. Two items made of green high quality acetate, a pair of sunglasses and earrings, using some of Après Ski’s classic designs with a considerate twist made to match our aesthetic. Two limited edition items though to be enjoyed and lived.


Après Ski