Ana Ripoll Cera (Rana Ceramic) is a ceramist based in a small town in the province of Girona. During her studies in Fine Arts, she was first introduced to pottery by one of her piers, but at the time she wasn’t interested. Nonetheless, after trespassing her last business in 2016, she decided to move to the countryside and try out this new passion for ceramics.


Her work is heavily influenced by Japanese tradition, describing her pieces as functional where one of the main focus is the process. Pursuing a slow and little production that enables a meditative state of mind. She enjoys spending time experimenting with the materials, contemplating and playing with them, embracing the element of surprise.


Together we have created these two white brushed Bowls, all handcrafted and unique where Ana prioritize thin and light pieces, pushing the material to its limit. With a plain interior, the exterior is her way of expressing herself, a canvas where she experiments. The colours are not obtained from regular paint but from materials that come from the earth, working in this case with iron to achieve the richness of the glaze.


Rana Ceramic

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